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Spoiler Section

Hey all you spoiler freaks out there, this is the place to visit! I have updated spoilers daily and will always name my source. Those of you who like to be surprised, I suggest covering you eyes!!

  • 3/24/02 - "Entropy", episode 6x18 will be the next new episode to air in the US. It will mark the first meet between Xander and Anya since the "wedding". Buffy also will admit to the gang that she and Spike have a relationship. When Anya's attempt to curse Xander bombs, she turns to someone who truly hates him: Spike. The end result is something much worse. Spike and Anya end up in bed together! Now this little indiscretion would be fine, had it not been caught on surveillance tape by the NERD HERD. The whole gang will witness the incident. It should be quite a show! Written By: David Greenburg.


  • 3/24/02 - "Forgiving" will be the next Angel episode to air in the US, after a six-week hiatus. The very anticipated episode will deal with the loss of Angel's son and Wesley's traitor-ish actions. There is not any concrete information on the plot besides what I've said. It is set to air on Monday, April 15, 2002.   

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