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You Speak

This is the place on my site where I'll listen up! I want you to tell me what you think is good or could be better. Since the site is new, give me some leeway. I'm working hard to get everything up for YOU!

BTVS Weekly Poll
How do you like the newer and darker BTVS? (Choose One)

1. Its Awesome! My favorite season yet!
2. Good. I like the change.
3. Okay. Sometimes its TOO morbid.
4. A little. Season Six is not my favorite.
5. I hate it! I miss Buffy when it was brighter.
6. I'm unsure
7. I haven't seen any of Season Six yet.

E-mail me your answers. I'm working on an actual poll, so you won't have to e-mail soon and you'll be able to see the answers right away.

Weekly Site Poll:
What do you think of the spoiler section? (Choose Multiple)
  1. Awesome
  2. Informative
  3. Creative
  4. Funny
  5. Stupid
  6. comment

Again, E-mail your answers to me and I will post the results of the poll after one week. Thanks for your vote. I really appreciate your patience with the low quality of the site. *Be sure to put the poll or quiz name in the subject title of your e-mail.

General Feedback!
Here is the only thing I ask of you surfers! Please send me your general opinions on any Buffy issues or even questions. I will post them here with your name. Maybe we can even get a debate going! J/K. I look forward to hearing from all of you, any day of the week!

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