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The place for Quizzes, Quotes and Facts about Buffy!

Here's the 4-1-1. Every week, on Sunday, I will post a new quiz in this section. E-mail me with your answers, making sure to put the number of the quiz in the subject line. The fan with the most answers will have their name on my home page for a week and will be put in my "Hall of Fame". Sometimes I will have easy quizzes, other times not. Buffy fans, be prepared!

Buffy Quiz Number One - Easy Level
1. What is Xander's middle name?
2. What is 'Mutant Enemy'?
3. What day did Buffy premiere Season One in the US?
4. What is the name of Buffy's old high school?
5. Is there really a Sunnydale, CA?
6. Who dis Marc Blucas play on Buffy?
7. What is Moloch?
8. Name two things Buffy dresses up as on Halloween episodes of Buffy.
9. Who wrote the episode 'Buffy vs. Dracula'?
10. What part did Sarah Michelle Gellar originally try out for on Buffy?
(Note: Answers are not necessarily located on this webpage)

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