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To Come: Personal Pages w / actor bios, character bios and fun trivia. Under Construction.

Buffy Regulars (Previous or Present)
Blucas, Marc
Boreanaz, David
Brendon, Nicholas
Carpenter, Charisma
Caufield, Emma
Gellar, Sarah Michelle
Green, Seth
Hannigan, Alyson
Head, Anthony Stewart
Marsters, Spike
Trachtenburg, Michelle

Buffy Re-Occuring Roles
Benson, Amber
Benz, Julie
Chase, Bailey
Crouse, Lindsey
Denisof, Alexis 
Dushku, Eliza
Groener, Harry
Hertzberg, George
Kramer, Clare
LaMorte, Robia
Landau, Juliet
McNab, Mercedes
Sachs, Robin
Strong, Danny
Summers, Kristine

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